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Roe Supports Bills to Prohibit Ransom Payments to Iran, Bring Transparency to Iran’s Corrupt Financial System

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For Immediate Release, September 22, 2016 | Tiffany Haverly (202-226-8072) | comments
WASHINGTON, D.C. – This week, Rep. Phil Roe, M.D. (R-TN) voted in support of two bills related to Iran. Roe released the following statement:
“There are a few things we know for certain about the political and institutional leadership in Iran: they are corrupt; they hate the United States; and they cannot be trusted. This week, I was glad to support two important bills to protect American interests in dealings with the Iranians. First and foremost, the American people deserve to know if relieving sanctions – a move I opposed at every opportunity – has paved the way for even more corruption within Iran. It’s also critical Congress votes to prohibit ransom payments to Iran, especially after recent media investigations brought to light to yet another secret side deal with the Iranians brokered by President Obama. Unfortunately, despite our best efforts, Congress was unable to stop the president from moving forward with the misguided Iran nuclear agreement, but I will seize every opportunity to bring transparency and common sense to President Obama’s reckless posturing on Iran.”  
Background: On Wednesday, Congressman Roe voted for H.R. 5461, the Iranian Leadership Asset Transparency Act. The Iranian Asset Transparency Act requires the Department of the Treasury to issue a report on the estimated assets of senior Iranian military and political leaders. More information can be found here.
Thursday evening, Congressman Roe voted in support of H.R. 5931, the Prohibiting Future Ransom Payments to Iran Act. This bill would prohibit future ransom payments to Iran. You can read more about this bill here, and in the Congressman’s column from September 14th, found here.
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