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Hardworking Taxpayers Deserve a Path to Prosperity

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Washington, April 4, 2012 | comments

Last week, the U.S. House of Representatives passed the fiscal year 2013 budget, “The Path to Prosperity”.   Our nation is facing a debt crisis, and passage of this blueprint will help restore jobs and put our country back on a fiscally sustainable path.  Hardworking taxpayers deserve better than empty promises from a broken government, and “The Path to Prosperity” budget offers a tangible way forward.


After years of spending money beyond its means, the U.S. government is broke. If nothing is done to address our nation’s debt crisis the prosperity of every American is threatened. The unsustainable amount of government debt is so high that it is straining economic growth. Since President Obama took office, he has increased federal spending by nearly 30 percent in three years and has increased the debt by nearly 50 percent.

Washington simply cannot afford to keep funding failed and duplicative programs at these bloated levels and still hope to pass on the American dream to future generations.

In President Obama’s speech yesterday when he addressed the House Republican budget, he specifically attacked the Medicare portion of the legislation, claiming that “the only reason the government will save any money is because we have shifted it to seniors. They will bear more of the costs themselves. It is a bad idea. It will ultimately end Medicare as we know it.” However, his accusations are completely untrue. In fact, according to the Medicare Trustees the program is going broke. Failure to take action and save these programs poses the greatest threat to the health and retirement security of America’s seniors. Personalized Medicare helps solve a problem that affects everyone—the problem of relentlessly rising health care costs in America.

Furthermore, the president’s plan for Medicare is to implement the Independent Payment Advisory Board (IPAB), which puts our seniors’ care at high risk.  The IPAB not only fails to save the program from bankruptcy, but its job will be to cut funding for senior care. It does nothing to address the high cost of health care.  The IPAB will further harm care to seniors by limiting what treatment doctors are allowed to give their patients.  This will result in seniors being denied access to the medical care they need, and it will also put the government in between patients and their doctor.

In order to address the unsustainable debt crisis this nation is facing, it is important that Congress pass a budget that will restore economic growth, create jobs and enact enforceable and meaningful cuts, in order to preserve our future.  That is why I supported “The Path to Prosperity.”  This budget cuts spending in a meaningful way, lowers tax rates while simplifying the tax code, puts patients back at the center of health care decision-making, and spurs energy production at a time of near-record gas prices.

We must come together in a bipartisan way to enact the changes needed to restore America’s prosperity, instead of resorting to misleading attacks.  The American people want us to come together and solve the problems we are facing as a nation.

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