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Subcommittee Assesses VA Transition Services for Disabled Veterans

Reps Roe and Stearns Seek to Ensure Continuity of Services for a Seamless Transition

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Washington, January 21, 2010 | comments
WASHINGTON, DC – Today, the Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations held a hearing regarding the specialized services the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) provides injured veterans who are transitioning from military to civilian life.

Subcommittee Ranking Member, Dr. Phil Roe said it is imperative that Congress and VA take every measure to ensure that wounded and injured veterans receive the highest quality specialized services available, including inpatient care at polytrauma centers to coordinated transitional, and outpatient rehabilitative services.

“We must take a comprehensive look at every aspect of care these heroes receive,” said Roe. “This includes a frank assessment of the social work case management, the medical record exchange between VA and DOD, and the various other transition services that are available. Veterans should also be automatically enrolled in VA to ensure they receive the benefits and services they have earned.”

“In the past, it appears that the transition services some servicemembers received were not exactly seamless and we must find ways to eliminate barriers they might have faced. Finally, VA and DOD must learn from these shortfalls and move forward to establish a truly seamless transition so we are not sitting here a year from now discussing how the system failed another veteran.”

Congressman Cliff Stearns added that, “Providing an effective, complete, and seamless transition for our veterans, and particularly our wounded warriors, upon their return home from serving our country is a crucial element of the VA’s mission. Unfortunately, the VA is falling short of this imperative goal.”

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