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Roe Votes Against a Tax Increase and Fights to Protect Jobs

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Washington, December 9, 2009 | comments
WASHINGTON, DC – Today, Phil Roe, M.D., Member of Congress (TN-1) opposed H.R. 4213, the Tax Extenders Act of 2009, because it proposes to pay for temporary, one-year tax cuts with permanent tax increases during an economic downturn. In addition, the bill fails to extend key tax incentives designed to promote business investment and job creation, such as an extension of the increased small business expensing limits that permit small businesses – the engines of job creation and economic growth – to immediately deduct their investment costs.

“You shouldn’t have to raise taxes permanently just to maintain current law,” said Roe. “By raising taxes on businesses that operate globally, we make it less attractive for employers to create jobs in America. H.R. 4213 would hinder job creation by discouraging the kinds of capital investment by American entrepreneurs that leads to economic growth. With double-digit unemployment and a struggling economy, now is a particularly bad time for tax increases, especially on capital investments by American job creators.”

Furthermore, Roe supported the Republican Motion to Recommit H.R. 4213 because it would strike the permanent $24.6 billion tax increase.

Roe added: “We need to pass a clean tax extender bill that doesn’t impose permanent tax increases to pay for one year of tax cuts.”


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