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Roe Statement on President Obama’s Speech

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Washington, December 1, 2009 | comments
WASHINGTON, DC – Phil Roe, M.D., Member of Congress (TN-1) issued the following statement regarding President Obama’s speech on Afghanistan from West Point:

This evening the President delivered a speech on the way forward for the war in Afghanistan, which culminates a decision-making course that began in March with the announcement that the United States would pursue a broad counterinsurgency strategy to defeat the Taliban and al-Qaeda. Our nation’s heroes have dedicated their lives to serving our country and they should receive the funding and resources they need to defend our country. As a veteran and a supporter of our troops, I ask that measures be taken to make certain those responsible for carrying out the strategy in Afghanistan have the means necessary to complete the mission we have asked them to do.

Earlier this year, General McChrystal requested 40,000 troops. While the President is calling for many more troops to be sent to Afghanistan, it is not as many as requested. In the days ahead, I will be closely following the testimony from Secretary Gates, Admiral Mullen and General McChrystal as to how this plan impacts our mission in Afghanistan.


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