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  • Roe Sworn in for 114th Congress
    Posted in Press Releases on January 6, 2015 | Preview rr
    Tags: Taxes, Education, Abortion, Budget, Defense, Jobs & Economy, Energy, Health Care, Immigration, Second Amendment

    WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, Rep. Phil Roe, M.D. (R-TN) released this statement after being sworn in for the 114th Congress: “Representing the First District in the House of Representatives is a great honor, and I look forward to serving in the 114th Congress. I have many priorities for the upcoming year including: helping constituents cut through red tape and federal bureaucracy, working to promote private-sector job creation and economic growth, stopping the president’s executive amnesty and over... Read more

  • Labor Day
    Posted in Weekly Columns on August 28, 2013 | Preview rr
    Tags: Jobs & Economy, Energy, Health Care

    On Monday we observe Labor Day. This federal holiday originated as a day to pay tribute to the contributions of the American worker and their achievements. Unfortunately, 7.4 percent of the population remains unemployed this Labor Day. In the state of Tennessee, things are even worse—in July, the unemployment rate was 8.5 percent, much higher than the national average. Since President Obama took office, the average duration of unemployment has almost doubled from 19.8 weeks to 35.6 weeks. But th... Read more

  • Keystone Pipeline Should Be a No-Brainer
    Posted in Weekly Columns on March 6, 2013 | Preview rr
    Tags: Energy

    A project with bipartisan support that would create more than 15,000 jobs and reduce our dependence on oil from unstable countries may sound too good to be true, but it’s not. According to a recent poll conducted by Fox News, 70 percent of Americans say they support building the Keystone XL pipeline—including 57 percent of Democrats. Despite administration delays, last week, the State Department released its review of the Keystone XL project. The review raised no major objections to the pipeline... Read more

  • Domestic Energy Production Can Pave Road to Lower Unemployment
    Posted in Weekly Columns on August 15, 2012 | Preview rr
    Tags: Jobs & Economy, Energy

    July marked the 42nd consecutive month that unemployment has been at or above 8 percent on the president’s watch, according to a Bureau of Labor Statistics report. The labor force participation rate, which measures individuals working or looking for work, remained low in July with many Americans giving up on finding a job. If the percentage of those looking for work were as high today as at the beginning of the recession, unemployment would be a staggering 11.5 percent. These troubling numbers a... Read more

  • Roe Statement on the Domestic Energy and Jobs Act of 2012
    Posted in Press Releases on June 21, 2012 | Preview rr
    Tags: Jobs & Economy, Energy

    WASHINGTON D.C. – Today, U.S. Congressman Phil Roe, M.D. (TN-01) released the following statement in support of H.R. 4480, the Domestic Energy and Jobs Act: “The average American family buys 1,100 gallons of gasoline per year. If the price of gas fell just one dollar, from the current national average of $3.49, families would save $1,100 a year. For far too long, this administration has prioritized politics over the needs of the American people and today, in this body, we have an opportunity to ... Read more

  • Energy Independence Is A Key Part of Economic Recovery
    Posted in Weekly Columns on June 13, 2012 | Preview rr
    Tags: Jobs & Economy, Energy

    According to AAA, a gallon of gas in the U.S. today costs an average of $3.52. The day President Obama was inaugurated, a gallon averaged $1.84. It’s no coincidence that as gas prices soared, so has our national unemployment rate. It is clear to see that the road to economic recovery requires our country to enact a comprehensive national energy policy. To ease the pain at the pump, we must work towards becoming an energy independent nation; to be an energy independent nation, we must pursue a tr... Read more

  • Jobs & the Economy
    Posted in Weekly Columns on May 30, 2012 | Preview rr
    Tags: Budget, Jobs & Economy, Energy, Health Care

    Having just observed Memorial Day, we are reminded of the blessings of liberty and living in the land of the free. That is why helping to create jobs and grow our economy will continue to be my focus in the weeks and months ahead. In every facet of our society – the care of our veterans, budget, health care, and energy – we are in need of policies that get folks back to work and create an atmosphere that rewards hard work and keeps government out of the way of innovation. Implementation of the b... Read more

  • We Need A Plan To Turn The Economy Around
    Posted in Weekly Columns on May 16, 2012 | Preview rr
    Tags: Taxes, Budget, Defense, Jobs & Economy, Energy, Health Care

    Every day I hear stories of how more layoffs are threatened and economic uncertainty is being brought about by bills such as the health care law and regulations that stifle innovation. In order to create jobs and get folks back to work, Congress needs to work together in a bipartisan way to be a part of the solution. The best way to lower the unemployment rate and promote job growth is to create an atmosphere that rewards hard work, keeps government out of the way of innovation and incentivizes ... Read more

  • Relieving the Pain at the Pump
    Posted in Weekly Columns on March 7, 2012 | Preview rr
    Tags: Jobs & Economy, Energy

    The price at the pump has soared to $3.79 a gallon nationally, and more than $4 in many areas. Fears of another economic slowdown are prevalent because of high gas prices. Hardworking families in Tennessee and across the country are struggling to pay rising costs. Congress needs to pass common sense energy policies that move us in the direction of lower gas prices and energy independence. If we want to create jobs in America and move our country toward energy security, Congress should pass energ... Read more

  • Creating Energy Jobs in America
    Posted in Weekly Columns on January 11, 2012 | Preview rr
    Tags: Jobs & Economy, Energy

    My number one focus for the New Year remains on job creation. At the end of last year, I was pleased the Senate finally agreed to accept a House Republican proposal to move forward on the Keystone XL pipeline. The pipeline is an instant job generator and will create energy security in America. The pipeline, supported by both employers and unions, will create manufacturing and construction jobs, while increasing energy security across the country. TransCanada estimates that 20,000 well-paying job... Read more