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  • October 2015 Vote History
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    (529) - HR 3457, HR1735: Iran Sanctions and Defense Authorization - Previous Question October 01, 2015 – Byrne, R-Ala., motion to order the previous question (thus ending debate and possibility of amendment) on the rule (H Res 449) that would provide for floor consideration of the bill (HR 3457) that would prohibit the president from waiving sanctions under the Iran Nuclear Agreement until Iran pays the legal terrorism-related judgment it owes, and consideration of the conference report to accom... Read more

  • September 2015 Vote History
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    (490) - S 1359: E-Warranty Act - Passage September 08, 2015 - Passage of a bill that would change Federal Trade Commission (FTC) rules to allow manufacturers to meet federal warranty requirements by posting warranty information on their websites. Currently, the Disclosure of Written Consumer Product Warranty Terms and Conditions Rule and the Pre-Sale Availability Rule require that written warranties must be clearly written, contain certain information, and be displayed in close proximity to the ... Read more

  • July 2015 Vote History
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    (390) - HR 1735: Fiscal 2016 National Defense Authorization - Motion to Close July 07, 2015 - Thornberry, R-Texas, motion that the meetings of the conference between the House and the Senate on HR 1735 (National Defense Authorization) may be closed to the public at such times as classified national security information may be discussed, provided that any sitting member of Congress shall be entitled to attend any meeting of the conference. Motion agreed to 402-12. Vote: Yea (391) - HR 91: Veteran... Read more

  • June 2015 Vote History
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    (264) - HR 1335: Magnuson-Stevens Reauthorization - Environmental Review June 01, 2015 - Dingell, D-Mich., amendment that would eliminate the bill's requirements for certain environmental reviews to be subservient to the Magnuson-Stevens Act. Motion agreed to 155-223. (265) - HR 1335: Magnuson-Stevens Reauthorization - Oil and Gas Platforms and Drilling Rigs June 01, 2015 - Lowenthal, D-Calif., amendment that would require the National Ocean Council to develop a process for decommissioning oil a... Read more

  • May 2015 Vote History
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    (208) - HR 2028: Fiscal 2016 Energy-Water Appropriations - Liquefied Natural Gas Report May 01, 2015 - Rothfus, R-Pa., amendment that would prohibit funds made available under the act from being used by the Energy Department to apply the June 4, 2014 report entitled "Life Cycle Greenhouse Gas Perspective on Exporting Liquefied Natural Gas from the United States" in any public interest determination under section 3 of the Natural Gas Act. Motion adopted 232-172. Vote: Yea (209) - HR 2028: Fiscal ... Read more

  • April 2015 Vote History
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    (145) - HR 1259: Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Rural Designation - Passage April 13, 2015 - Neugebauer, R-Texas, motion to suspend the rules and pass the bill that would require the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau to create a process for individuals to apply for areas to be considered rural (under an existing CFPB rule, a prohibition on balloon payments for qualified mortgages does not apply to small lenders in rural or underserved counties). The measure would specify certain factors... Read more

  • March 2015 Vote History
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    (107) - HR 294: Veterans Affairs Foster Care - Passage March 02, 2015 - Miller, R-Fla., motion to suspend the rules and pass the bill that would authorize a three-year pilot program at the Veterans Affairs Department (VA) to pay for certain veterans at non-department medical foster homes and would reduce amounts available for VA bonuses for the next four fiscal years. Motion agreed to 405-0. (108) - HR 240: Fiscal 2015 Homeland Security Appropriations - Motion to Table March 03, 2015 - Massie, R... Read more

  • February 2015 Vote History
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    (51) - HR 361: Medical Preparedness Grants - Passage February 02, 2015 - Carter, R-Ga., motion to suspend the rules and pass the bill that would expand existing authorization of the Homeland Security Department's Urban Area Security Initiative and State Homeland Security Grant Program to allow funds to be used for local general emergency medical preparedness programs. Motion agreed to 377-2. (52) - HR 615: Homeland Security Interoperable Communications - Passage February 02, 2015 - Carter, R-Ga.... Read more

  • January 2015 Vote History
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    (1) - Quorum Call - Call of the House January 06, 2015 - Quorum was present with 401 members responding (33 members did not respond.). Note: All member-elect are eligible to vote in the Quorum Call. (2)- Election of the Speaker - January 06, 2015 - Nomination of John A. Boehner, R-Ohio, and Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., for Speaker of the House of Representatives for the 114th Congress. Other - yeas prevailed 243-165 Vote: Yea (3) - H Res 5: House Organizing Resolution - Motion to Refer January 06, 20... Read more

  • December 2014 Vote History
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    (532) - HR 5629: Domestic Nuclear Detection Office - Passage December 01, 2014 - Meehan, R-Pa., motion to suspend the rules and pass the bill that would specify the types of support that the Homeland Security Department's Domestic Nuclear Detection Office is to provide to state and local governments in efforts to detect radiological and nuclear materials and prevent attacks in the United States, and establish the Securing the Cities grant program to help the office carry out its mission. It woul... Read more